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Did you know that The Green Window Company donates old windows and doors to local charities for re-use?

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The search for high-quality windows and doors involves looking beyond the pages in a catalogue.

The Green Window Company combines field tests and facility visits to find the building materials which deliver a perfect balance between environmental benefits and performance.

Our approved suppliers include:

Vinylbilt is a Canadian owned and operated company that was founded in 1974, and it has become one of the nation’s top vinyl window manufacturers. Its commitment to Zero Defects ensures a consistent fit that will provide a proper fit and a superior appearance. It also covers its products with a Lifetime Warranty. Vinylbilt’s products also include the Engineered Thermal Insulation (ETI) system that combines engineered insulating rigid foam and a perfect amount of air to improve a window’s thermal performance by up to 8%. Its multi-chamber vinyl frame is designed to draw moisture away from the windows, reducing mold and mildew. And every sash and frame is also fusion welded under extreme heat and pressure, ensuring a tight bond at every joint.

Tru Tech Doors
TruTech Doors is a Canadian manufacturer that is committed to environmental standards. Its fiberglass doors deliver superior energy efficiency, its wood doors come from sustainably managed forests, and its manufacturing processes reduce waste. The company also donates excess building materials to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

In technical terms, Tremco 830 is a one-part, thermo-plastic, elastomeric sealant. Most important, it delivers a high-performing, flexible seal. That helps to make every project more energy-efficient.

Dow’s Enerfoam Professional Foam Sealant creates a durable, airtight, water-resistant bond. The foam skin repels water, and that helps to protect wood from damage. The airtight barrier also improves energy efficiency.

By choosing Canadian suppliers who are closer to your home, we are even helping to reduce the fuel needed to ship the products.

It is just another way we remain committed to being green. Naturally.